HES 200/0.5

About Hydroxyethyl Starch  

Hydroxyethyl starch(HES)200/0.5 APIs, formed by acid-hydrolyzed and hydroxyethylized high branched chain amylopectin starch, is a medium MW and low  molar substitution ratio HES. Its chemical formula is poly (O-2-hydroxyethyl) starch, and the common name is HES200/0.5 (Penta starch).

HES solution has quick effect and strong volume expansion properties; it can maintain four hours middle strength expansion; it can be cleared away from kidney; less accumulation in plasma and tissue, least effect on coagulation; it can improve microcirculation.

HES 200/0.5 solution is the most frequently used plasma substitute in Europe, and is the preferred remedy in curing and defending hypovolemia and shock.

HES 200/0.5 API & Solution
Appearance: White powder,   
odorless and tasteless        
Packed: in all-paper barrel
of 25kgs net each with 3-ply PET/AL/PE inner bags